Surviving Your Career Doldrums

Strategies for reviving interest in your employment — By:  Susan Imel, University of Ohio An accountant in her 40s is rising in her field and her career is thriving. She has, however, lost her enthusiasm. According to her: “I have success in my profession by all standards you can measure. I’m highly compensated. But a lot of […]

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Cure Your Wind & Sun Cracked Skin

Sun or Snow or Wind – all burn … so FIX IT! – By Amber Moyer . Whether your skin or the skin of a loved one has been rendered brittle, scaly, itchy or otherwise uncomfortable by near constant breezes or snowy gales, or if your skin has been roasted by hot sun-rays to a fine “medium-rare” — Hemp seed oil is here to rescue that hot, dry, itchy skin, along with your hair, nails, and your insides too. Hemp seeds are full of good stuff like vitamin E, protein, and

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—- Each Step Of Process —- Do By Hand — Solar Energy Made — By- Fibre2Fashion —   TURMERIC DYEING …       Introduction In recent years the usage of natural dyes and colors for fabric dyeing has witnessed its revival due to hazardous experience due to effects of synthetic dyes and chemicals. The natural dyes are eco-friendly, harmless and non-toxic in nature. Also, the usage of renewable sources of energy in textile and apparel industry has been increased due to many advantages associated with it. Solar energy usage

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LEARN FROM THE BEST  ————– BY  AMBER MOYER — NEWSzines Contributing Writer . Steve “IAN” Little was born in the United States … in the Eastern part of the American Midwest, Dayton, OH. He has been a professional musician and composer for over forty years. He has played thousands of live musical performances, from stages inside intimate nightclubs, to large, rip-roaring bar haunts, to prestigious concert halls, theaters, auditoriums, arenas and convention centers. Ian having performed with the likes of such nineteen seventies rock and roll icons as guitarist Pat Traverse and

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Lewis Carroll – The Hunting of the Snark

In 1876 Lewis Carroll published by far his longest poem – a fantastical epic tale recounting the adventures of a bizarre troupe of nine tradesmen and a beaver. Carrollian scholar, Edward Wakeling, introduces The Hunting of the Snark. Although best known as the author of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (1865) and Through the Looking-Glass (1871), Lewis Carroll – the pen-name of Charles Lutwidge Dodgson, a mathematical lecturer at Christ Church, Oxford – was also an avid reader and writer of poetry. He greatly enjoyed the poems of Victorian writers such

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Improving the Center’s CRUNCH – by Walter Camp

Learn ‘oldtime’ Center-snap position strategies that still work today — by football expert Walter Camp The man who may be selected to fill the important position of center-rush must be a man of sense and strength. Brain and brawn are here at their highest premium. But there is another element of character without which both will be overthrown, and that is patience. Practical experience has taught football coaches that none but a thoroughly self-controlled man can make a success in football in any position, while in this particular one his

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7 Campsite Cooking Strategies —

Are you sick and tired of not knowing what to bring or what to cook when you go camping? Do you either pack the entire kitchen (including the sink) or you bring the absolute minimum and then have to use a fork as a spatula or two spoons as tongs? If that sounds even the slightest bit familiar then you are in the right place. Over the past decade or so I have refined a list of 7 things that I use every single time I prepare for my next

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10 TRUE Haunts To Consider

By Owen Jarus, Live Science Contributor … From a spooky 3,200-year-old tale written on broken pottery pieces to amateur YouTube videos of “ghost chases,” frightening tales of apparitions, demons and goblins have been documented since ancient times and continue to fascinate people today. Although these paranormal events aren’t supported by science, they have persisted throughout […]

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