Rock Out With “My What Out” … This Stuff!


Rock N Roll Instruments and Gear   –  By Judith Moore – Musical Consultant


GOT A “ROCK’N’ROLL” ITCH … to scratch-out a jiggy guitar riff or bass-line or pound some kick-pedal thunder or banjo your way from Nashville to San Jose? Yeah, me too! Rock-n-roll at its best – loud and ongoing!

Thing is … and listen up! … even if you never thought you could play a musical instrument, there are new training methods that make learning a new instrument as easy as saying “ … pass the Les Paul, please.”

Now let us take a couple minutes to review some of the easiest instrument choices that literally millions of rock-n-roll wannabe’s have found easy to play, and they with no more musical talent than you or I or the ten guys who live next door to me in that one-bedroom efficiency. So grab a beverage, Bluetooth-bud some hip tunes to your ear lobes and enjoy the ride …

electric guitar performer

SOME MUSIC STORES even some general retailers, offer unexpectedly amazing guitars and other rock and jazz instruments. Analyze what sort of instruments a music store offers. Are they mostly guitars? Or mostly keyboard instruments? Or drums? Or ukuleles? Or a good mix of all those instruments and more? Your musical interests drive the search.

Music Stores

Guitars are the ultimate symbol of rock n’ roll, but there are so many to choose from. Do you want to rock the roof off with an electric guitar? Or maybe you like to play more intimate tunes on an acoustic. Whatever your style, there is a guitar that fits. Details here


Professional Drum Kit Some people like to feel rhythm. Others like to make the rhythm. Whether you are regularly feelin’ it kind of person … or bumpin’ to the beat, maybe drums are your thing. Don’t deny the obvious. Go for it! Check it out for size and style with a traditional percussion kit, or maybe even a modern digital drum set. Both offer unique bumps, thumps, cymbal-slaps and other music. Enjoy!    Details here

AND BY THE WAY, DRUMMERS — great news, you are some of the smartest people alive. Studies show that it is not easy to keep a steady beat, and doing so improves your intelligence. Read about it:  HERE


Electronic Keyboards

A traditional piano forte is an historic musical instrument made famous by the likes of Beethoven, Mozart, and blues piano master and Grammy award winner “Pine Top” Perkins. But in this new-ish 21st century, the household spinet piano of the 1900’s has been reborn into a smaller, more portable size digital instrument; born is the electronic keyboard … a classic. With the ability to play many notes and complete musical phrases in one effort, you can create some insane melodies with a keyboard; a must-have for musical artists with flippy-fingers. Details here


Rock-n-roll Music

Whether you are a professional guitarist, drummer, or keyboardist, or if you just like to jam down in your bedroom, there is likely a music store in your region, one that has everything you need to put on your best show yet! Take a little time to check out your regional music stores, and do not forget to investigate local pawn shops and thrift stores for great used rock’n’roll musical instruments.





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