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— By Marck C.B., Managing Editor of Vinyl-Record Buyers Guide




—  Welcome to a new year of Vinyl-Record collecting and listening

We have greatly expanded our directory/magazine to offer a new, comprehensive, national/state/local list of unique vinyl record stores, online retailers, record accessory providers, and vinyl-record companies and recording studios, to help you locate the sound recordings – or to make – the vinyl-record sound recordings you seek. Whatever your interest – 60’s / 70’s vinyl or modern artists with limited release discs – you’ll find 1000’s of vinyl-record sources and related professional resources within the pages of this latest publication. A larger edition than any previously released.

We have had many requests to organize the directory sections of this publication alphabetically by U.S. State. We are happy to report those requests are fulfilled in this issue. To include: cross-posting new record store locations and related vendors and other resources to our website blog – the pages you find yourself on right now.

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In fact, this year we will begin posting eclectic-level, collectible vinyl here on these pages …


… including classic rock’n’roll releases, hard-to-find comedy albums, 1980s rap, Motown, movie and broadway music albums, northern-soul 45’s and albums, limited release jazz offerings by renown artists, western-swing originals from the 1940’s, bluegrass, classical albums … here’s our basic collectible record albums list:

Anthology and Compilations, Alternative, Blues, Celtic Music, Childrens Albums, 
Christian Gospel, Classical, Comedy, Country, Disco and Funk, DJ and Dance, Easy Listening, 
Electronica, Folk, Heavy Metal, Holiday Albums, Jazz, Latin, Movie and TV Soundtracks, 
Musicals, Novelty Albums, Opera, Pop, Ragtime, Rap and Hip-Hop, Reggae, Religious, 
Rhythm and Blues, Rock, Spoken Word, Soul, Western Swing, World Music, and much more.

Further, requests arrived for items allied to vinyl records; including audiophile products, stylus choices for modern and late-model turntables, vintage and modern turntables and associated electronics, products to clean and store or catalog vinyl records, and other such items. For the first time those are included in this year’s issues and here online.





  Surprisingly, readers also asked to see items unrelated directly to vinyl, but associated to eras that many vinyl records represent – for instance, authentic 1960s and 1970s and up to 21st Century era clothing, posters, books, movies, furniture, even tattoos and other choices. While our inventory of such items will be limited at start, as each month goes by it will grow into a wide array of unique and related collectible items.




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