Guaranteed: Get a Job in 60 Days


By Scott Dockweiler


It’s not every day that someone guarantees you’ll get a job. (Or a legit one, anyway.)

But today, my friends, is that day.

Ryan Kahn, recruiter, job search expert, Muse writer, and star of MTV’s Hired just launched a brand-new job search video course for students and recent grads—and he’s putting behind it a money-back guarantee that anyone who completes it will get a job within two months.

And probably not just any job. Through his company The Hired Group, Kahn has helped people get hired everywhere from NBC to Google. The video series also includes cameos from hiring managers at Disney, Facebook, and Apple—so you’ll get real-world insights into what it takes to get noticed by those top employers.

Before you say it sounds too good to be true (trust me, I had my skeptical face on, too), hear him out and listen to why he’s making this promise. “I got started in this business because I could see the potential in young professionals and recent grads, but I also knew the deck was stacked against them when it came to finding their dream jobs.” Resonating with you, yet? He continues: “But through my own experience, I knew there were ways to stand out, and I wanted to help those who were passionate about their careers find a job they’d love.”

The course covers everything from crafting a standout resume to acing the interview to negotiating a starting salary because, as Kahn explains, “Everything you do in your job search matters. There is, and always will be, a lot of competition out there.”

So, whether you’re looking for your first job (or know someone who is—can you say graduation present?) or you’re frustrated that your search has been lingering on longer than you’d like, we say: Give it a try. What’s there to lose? Learn more and watch the first three videos for free

And in the meantime, here’s one of Kahn’s best tips for standing out: Think quality, not quantity. “It’s easy to think that if you blast your resume out to every company, you’re bound to get an interview, but it’s better to be selective and use a targeted approach,” he says. “Recruiters spend an average of 6.5 seconds looking at resumes, so you want to adjust each one you send out to ensure you’re highlighting specific experiences and how they’re relevant to the job.”

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