Soldier's Only Sons



By Mark Clayton



It has been observed by many non-military families, that it is family-units tied to the U.S. military that often feel the brunt of “separation anxiety” when the door closes behind a soldier who has just “shipped out” for a “tour of duty;” been that way for thousands of years. In those older times, families would often pack-up and follow their troops on foot, in an effort to lessen ill effects of separation to spouses and children and soldier alike.

Today, though, those complications from the ‘older times’ become … well, more complicated. Whether absentee mother or father or brother or uncle, if it is a significant member of the family that has ‘shipped out,’ it means double duty for the parent remaining with children still to raise, train, entertain and keep healthy and happy-as-possible.

One such “military brat,” a child who grew up in various home locations, following his father and mother and sisters from one interesting country to another, as his father, a military specialist, rotated defense department assignments through multiple foreign states; the boy having traveled with his parents to places as exotic as Asia, Germany, and elsewhere, and having lived for six years in the United Kingdom, some fifty-miles north of London.



It was from that experience that music composer and artist “BELLINGHAM” -- the now grown ‘military brat’ mentioned above -- wrote a tune to speak to both the difficult responsibilities faced at home by mothers or fathers and their children (and extended families) when one parent is absent for long periods; and to honor the soldiers who go abroad into “harm’s way.”

BELLINGHAM, known for his melodic and powerful voice, hunted for and found a record label, RealSong Media, interested in producing his “Soldier’s Only Sons” song and releasing it as a tribute and support to military families. Stephen Paul, a music producer with twenty-years working in the popular song format, was assigned to orchestrate and craft performance -- with BELLINGHAM and his troupe of musician specialists – of a finished and mastered version of the musical composition.

Now ready for release this season, many radio stations are anticipating a brisk interest in “Soldier’s Only Son,” because it carries a unique element not seen for some time in popular music -- a short piece of dramatics, centered into the tune. It’s brief, just fifteen-seconds or so. But the message in the dialogue goes to the heart of the tribute. A reminder of the sort of sacrifice military families make every day.

“The number of eyes turning to peek at this project is not a surprise,” says BELLINGHAM. “I live mostly on the west coast, near Portland, and everywhere out here, support for military families is loud and clear.”

Both online and traditional media entities have shown interest in promoting the overall project. Attention grows wider weekly as word-of-mouth chatter ensues from chat-page to one social-media platform and then another. As a result, and in conjunction with RealSong Media, BELLINGHAM is spearheading an effort to funnel donations to military family organizations, to help fund programs that directly benefit groups within military family units.



Some military base oriented radio stations have already expressed interest in “Soldier’s Only Sons,” wondering how the song may assist to inspire and thereby motivate military family organizations to further implement programs that benefit such family members; and enhance communications between “shipped out” servicemen and women and their families back in America. Additionally, educational tutorials, courses or seminars can greatly benefit the level of success children of service members can attain in school; along with vocational programs with mathematics and science focus, well known to be valuable tools for high school and college and career direction.

Whatever the result to family-focus groups and organizations, “Soldier’s Only Sons” remains a unique and impassioned anthem, of sorts, a musical commentary; a popular song that may be heard for some time to come.  

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