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How to Write Articles To Create Published Experience              BY:   George Spelvin If you’re a freelance writer with knowledge in any area–say gardening or poetry or amateur astronomy or Canadian history or art jewelry, then you can write articles to gain expert status in your areas of knowledge. There are many opportunities online for writing articles, paid and unpaid. How do you begin?   First, you should set up a writer’s website, which includes your resume and/or your business. If you’re an amateur astronomer,Read More

UNPUBLISHED? — But Don’t Want To Be? — HOW TO FIX IT!

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AN UNPUBLISHED WRITER — YOUR BOOK, AND THE PUBLISHER YOU NEED! It is an outstanding experience the publication of a writer’s first book. Publish him in a Publishing House, or independently, regardless of the type manuscript, it will be very touching for the author! A new author in the market is always a respectable event, because authors are a type of parents of the nation, because through stories, chronicles, romances or poems unmasking for readers secrets of life … and death! A book, a good book, is as a MasterRead More


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Writing is About Thinking BY:  Kent R. Mishra   The powerful writing is not the selection of special words, but the formation of good thoughts. This is the difference between an elegant prose written by a renowned author and an amateur writer. Call it a great writing! It is in fact great thinking. To achieve any trajectory, words must reflect value-added thought. The reflection of good writing can be a visual part in any form, be it script, an article, an essay, an advertisement or a user manual. Especially user manualRead More

Are Books LIFEBLOOD To Authors?


 BY:    Vineeta Sehgal   Books hold a very special place in the lives of all human beings, from all strata of life, since time immemorial. The invention of paper in China brought about a revolution in the world of books. Books give us an insight into the best of our brains, they make us perceive, feel and imagine the world through their eyes. They are the life blood of the authors and the manifestations of their personality, beliefs, and ideology. They hold a mirror to the contemporary society, asRead More