Are Books LIFEBLOOD To Authors?


 BY:    Vineeta Sehgal

Books hold a very special place in the lives of all human beings, from all strata of life, since time immemorial. The invention of paper in China brought about a revolution in the world of books. Books give us an insight into the best of our brains, they make us perceive, feel and imagine the world through their eyes. They are the life blood of the authors and the manifestations of their personality, beliefs, and ideology. They hold a mirror to the contemporary society, as well as reflect the past traditions and culture of the people.



No great work can be produced in isolation. It is said that pen is mightier than the sword. Far greater battles had been won not on battlefields, but on home turf, inspired by some of the mightiest minds. Karl Marx’s Das Capital, had revolutionized the world, Machiavelli had redefined politics and turned it murkier. Books had boosted the sagging spirits of a demoralized section of society when Tulsidas in his epic Ramcharitmanas, handed over bow and arrow in the hands of Lord Rama to assure the masses that he is a warrior and he can protect them.

Books can be divided into three categories: books of the hour, like news papers, which have a very short shelf life; the second books are of the era, which engage our attention for a short, but more elongated time; in the third category  books-home-shelf-1  we put books of all times. They have direct access to the mind of the reader, that leaves an undeniable imprint upon them. All scholarly works of the great masters like Dante, Homer, Virgil, Kautilya, Kalidas, Milton, Shakespeare and many others, offer insights into the past that moulds our present and hold promises of a bright future.

Books are the best companions of a person.

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