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How to Write Articles To Create Published Experience

             BY:   George Spelvin

If you’re a freelance writer with knowledge in any area–say gardening or poetry or amateur astronomy or Canadian history or art jewelry, then you can write articles to gain expert status in your areas of knowledge.

There are many opportunities online for writing articles, paid and unpaid.

How do you begin?


First, you should set up a writer’s website, which includes your resume and/or your business. If you’re an amateur astronomer, for example, you can set up a website on the subject of amateur astronomy. You can write web content on this subject. You can join and sell books on astronomy. You can also set up a blog at You design your website.

Then you can sign up at one of the many article writing websites online. We recommend:

There are many others. Put “article submissions” in your search engine. If you are interested in writing articles on specific subjects like poetry or business subjects, you can also include this in your search engine. However, many of these websites, like Associated Content, for example, allow submissions of articles in many different subjects. Such subject areas include:

Arts & Entertainment
Computer & Internet
Health & Fitness
Recreation & Sports

Among many different subject areas.

leeds-castle-library assigns its authors “expert” status if they demonstrate through their article writing–its style and content–that they have expert knowledge on a subject.

Many of these websites like also syndicate articles. That is, once your article is published on you might find the article syndicated on other websites. If you maintain the copyright, you can also self-syndicate your articles.

If you have business, then you can write articles not only to advertise your expertise, but to also advertise your business.

For freelance writers these articles are helpful if you’re interested in applying for freelance writing jobs. Say a client wants an assignment at Freelance Work Exchange, for example:

If your client is seeking writing sample, you can direct them to your published articles online, and/or you can easily print/reprint these articles and send them to your client. Freelance work can also be found at For minority writers, there are often additional writing assignments found at

We suggest you submit your articles first to the paying articles markets. Some of these paying markets pay directly via check, others via paypal. For the paypal link go to: . Some of the article markets are revenue sharing via Google Adsense. For this you must go to the Google Adsense website and obtain a publisher account. For this go to: You can also earn money from your own website by signing up as a publisher with Google Adsense. In addition, you can make referrals to other internet professionals.
If, however, you are simply seeking articles for publicity purposes, then you can publish them at many of the nonpaying article websites. Some of these like Associated Content have editors that review the articles and decide whether or not to publish them; others you can publish directly online.

If you’re new to writing articles and don’t know how to self-edit, then we suggest you write first for those websites that editors review. Or you can sign up for a combination of the different types of websites. If you just want to put your articles directly online, you can sign up for these types. Also, you can get your own blog at to post certain articles.

Many of these article websites allow you to publish poetry and fiction. Most pay only for articles, however. So if you’re a poet or fiction writer, you can write how-to articles on writing poetry and writing fiction.

Don’t know how to write articles for the online market?

There are many websites that provide you with guidelines to writing articles. Here are a few:

If you’re interested in writing articles to promote your website or for publicity:
Here is a general guide to writing better articles: to_writing_better_articles
For additional how-to’s on writing articles, put “How to Write Articles” in your favorite search engine.

You should study various articles online and those at the articles submissions websites you want to write for. Study the articles written by the top writers and experts of those websites. Take notes.
Review them. Write your articles. Write more articles. Keep writing articles. Become an author-expert.

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