UNPUBLISHED? — But Don’t Want To Be? — HOW TO FIX IT!

Book Reviews

It is an outstanding experience the publication of a writer’s first book.

Publish him in a Publishing House, or independently, regardless of the type manuscript, it will be very touching for the author!

A new author in the market is always a respectable event, because authors are a type of parents of the nation, because through stories, chronicles, romances or poems unmasking for readers secrets of life … and death!

A book, a good book, is as a Master that publishes your knowledge.

An author still unpublished, with texts sufficiently ripe for a publication, should count with unrestricted support that your work comes to light! For this reason, knowing how important it is for the unpublished author to publish their works; as this results positive in such a personal life.


Though never offered publication of a book, most such authors hope for the following conditions: we will look for a company that assumes costs, and supply author with a box of copies of the book for home – without paying anything!

To publish a book is not fantasy, but a realizable dream! If and unpublished author has in their drawer or desk stories, chronicles, romances, poems that are viable in literary terms for publication, you hope to see your words transform into books or articles, or texts!

Find contact, publishers, entrepreneurs, partner in Publishing Houses, and reach out with your witings. Find a list of publisjers, and methodically contact them directly with organzed excerpts from your manuscript(s). In little time a good book will find its way to a publisher, and thereafter on the shelves of bookstores – your book! Your authorship will be exposed, in shop windows, while you spend some nights signing autographs, readings in universities, performing interviews with journalists from radio and television.

Will you lose the opportunity? Or will you seek it?



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