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Interested in the intricacy and detail of arts and crafts? Online you find woodcarvings, raffia works, jewelry, painting, leather works, metalworks, furniture, musical instruments. Many of these works are old traditional crafts, yet continue to be made by craftspeople and artisans in multiple countries. You can find African masks, abstract paintings. a wide array of crafts.


From Africa, you find raffia works of 100% raffia, a natural product obtained from the raffia palm. There is handcrafted jewelry in leather and metal. Metalwork includes brass and iron figures and handcrafted metal jewelry.

From imports you find jewelry, clothing, musical instruments and more.

There is a “Fair Trade Crafts.” They work directly with artisans and craftspeople. You can also purchase international products. You can buy art, baskets, clothing, games, folk art, musical instruments, jewelry, toys.

Such outlets have a wide range of handcrafted products.

So when shopping online, think arts and crafts.


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