10 TRUE Haunts To Consider


By Owen Jarus, Live Science Contributor …
From a spooky 3,200-year-old tale written on broken pottery pieces to amateur YouTube videos of “ghost chases,” frightening tales of apparitions, demons and goblins have been documented since ancient times and continue to fascinate people today.

Although these paranormal events aren’t supported by science, they have persisted throughout history. Here’s a look at some of the most frightening cases.


1200 B.C. Haunting from Egypt – Still ACTIVE!

In 1915, Egyptologist Gaston Maspero published a translation of an ancient Egyptian ghost story, possibly set in Luxor (ancient Thebes, shown above), that was discovered on four pieces of pottery. In the story, a ghost of a mummified man tells a high priest of the god Amun about his current condition.

“I grew, and I did not see the rays of the sun. I did not breathe the air, but darkness was before me every day, and no one came to find me,” the ghost says (translation by Maspero).

“The ghost seems to complain of some accident that has happened to himself or to his tomb, but I cannot make out what is the subject of his dissatisfaction,” Maspero wrote. [Spooky Tales: The 10 Most Famous Ghosts]

The ancient Egyptians believed strongly in life after death, and created a series of spells called the “Book of the Dead,” which they believed helped them reach the afterlife. (Image Credit: Jose Ignacio Soto | Shutterstock.com)


Ghost of Tu-po – Still ACTIVE!

Tu-po was an ancient Chinese ghost with revenge on his mind. Before he died, Tu-Po served as a minister to Chinese Emperor Hsuan (lived 827-783 B.C.). The two had a disagreement, and Hsuan had Tu-Po killed in about 786 B.C., despite warnings that Tu-Po would come back and haunt him.

Tu-Po did a lot more than haunt the emperor: Three years later, in 783 B.C., “Hsuan was killed with an arrow fired by an apparition resembling Tu-Po in front of an assembly of feudal lords,” wrote Chinese philosopher Mo Tzu (lived 470-391 B.C.). (Translation by Yi-pao Mei, from “The Complete Book of Ghosts” by Paul Roland.) (Image Credit: Public domain, courtesy Wikimedia)


Chained man in ancient Athens

Roman senator Pliny the Younger, who died in A.D. 113, told a ghost tale so haunting that it survives to this day. “There was at Athens a large and roomy house, which had a bad name, so that no one could live there. In the dead of the night, a noise — resembling the clashing of iron — was frequently heard, which, if you listened more attentively, sounded like the rattling of chains,” disturbances that led to the appearance of a specter “form of an old man, of extremely emaciated and squalid appearance, with a long beard and dishevelled, hair, rattling the chains on his feet and hands.”

Needless to say, the house was abandoned and had to be rented out for a cheap price. When a philosopher named Athenodorus heard the story, he reportedly rented the house and confronted the ghost. The ghost appeared, and rattled around before vanishing. Athenodorus calmly marked the spot where the ghost vanished and, in the morning, ordered that the spot be dug up, the story goes. (Image Credit: Nick Pavlakis | Shutterstock.com) [Americans’ Beliefs in Paranormal Phenomena (Infographic)]

“This was accordingly done, and the skeleton of a man in chains was found there, for the body, having lain a considerable time in the ground was putrefied and mouldered away from the (chains). ” After being given a proper burial, the ghost departed, and the house was haunted no more, according to Pliny’s tale. (Translation from Pliny the Younger, The Harvard Classics, 1909-1914.)


Boarded-up bathhouse

The writer Plutarch, who lived from A.D. 45 to 120, tells a ghost story that has a much sadder ending than the one from Athens. In the city of Chaeronea, Greece, there was a boy named Damon who attracted the attention of a Roman military commander, who apparently loved him, historical records suggest. Damon refused the commander’s advances, enraging him.

Knowing that he would be killed if he did nothing, Damon got a group of friends together, ambushed the Roman commander (and several other Roman soldiers), killing them. The city council of Chaeronea condemned Damon and his friends to death. After that proclamation, Damon, who had not been killed, had the council members killed.

Damon and his friends then took to the countryside, plundering it. Eventually, the townspeople allowed Damon to return, but he was killed shortly afterward in the local bathhouse.

“And because, for a long while thereafter, certain phantoms appeared in the place, and groans were heard there, as our Fathers tell us, the door of the vapour-bath was walled up, and to this present time, the neighbours think it the source of alarming sights and sounds,” Plutarch wrote. (Translation from Loeb Classical Library, 1914.) (Lion statue, Image Credit: Philipp Pilhofer, CC Attribution-ShareAlike 3.0 Unported)


The Tower of London

Britain’s numerous castles are hotspots for ghost stories. The 900-year-old Tower of London is said to contain numerous ghosts, and the Queen’s House is considered by tower officials to be one of the most haunted locations.

Among the ghosts in the Queen’s House is that of Arabella Stuart, cousin of King James I. Arabella made the mistake of marrying against the king’s wishes and was sent to the tower as punishment. According to the ghost story, she is still serving her time.

In another spooky tale, a phantom bear is said to haunt one section of the Tower of London, called the Martin Tower. A guard who saw the phantom bear is said to have dropped dead from the shock. The Tower of London served as a menagerie for part of its history and held a variety of animals, including bears. (Image Credit: tkemot | Shutterstock.com)


Aokigahara Woods

At Aokigahara Woods, located at the foot of Mount Fuji in Japan, the corpses of dozens of suicide victims have been found over the past two decades, and the forest has become a popular place for troubled Japanese citizens to end their lives.

Today, there are signs in the forest, urging people not to end their lives and asking them to seek help. Given the number of suicides that have occurred in the forest, ghost stories abound, including several alleged encounters with the apparitions of those who have died there, which can be seen on You Tube. (Image Credit: Sean Pavone | Shutterstock.com)


Exorcism of Roland Doe

In 1949, a boy from Cottage City, Maryland, who was referred to as “Roland Doe” (not his real name), underwent an exorcism performed by a group of Roman Catholic priests, accounts suggest.

There are conflicting reports as to Roland’s alleged powers: Some stories claim that Roland had supernatural strength, could speak in ancient languages that the boy had no knowledge of and could apparently move or levitate the mattress he was lying on.

Since 1949, investigators have called into question many of these claims, providing evidence to suggest that Roland was a psychologically troubled boy who hated to attend school and that his abilities were far from supernatural. In any event, the exorcism took place. The events inspired a 1971 novel called “The Exorcist” by William Peter Blatty, which, in turn, inspired the famous 1973 movie. (Image Credit: Photographee.eu | Shutterstock.com)


Brown Lady of Raynham Hall

In 1936, a photographer taking pictures of the 300-year-old Raynham Hall in Norfolk, U.K., captured an image of an apparition floating down the stairs. It’s one of the most famous ghost photos ever taken, although some experts believe it was caused by double exposure.

The manor, covering an area of 7,000 acres (2,833 hectares), has a long history of being haunted, and the BBC notes that the ghost may be of Lady Dorothy Townshend, the wife of the second viscount of the estate. She died in 1726, supposedly of smallpox, after having an affair, which her husband Lord Townshend had learned about before her death. She is said to still wander the manor dressed in brown. (Image Credit: Photo by Hubert Provand, published in Country Life Magazine in 1936, courtesy of Wikimedia)


The CCTV ghost

Hampton Court Palace in Surrey, England, has a photogenic ghost of its own. In 2003, a CCTV camera caught an image of a skeletal figure, clad in centuries-old clothes, closing a sturdy fire door that had flung open. The ghost, nicknamed “skeletor,” attracted a great deal of media attention.

“It wasn’t just security staff who thought they were seeing things. A visitor wrote in the palace’s visitor book on the [day that skeletor appeared on camera] that she too thought she had seen a ghost in that area,” officials wrote on the Hampton Court Palace website.

Skeletor is not the only ghostly inhabitant of Hampton Court Palace. Catherine Howard, one of Henry VIII’s wives, was imprisoned there and was supposedly dragged to her room, screaming all the way. The area that she haunts is called the “screaming gallery.”


Amityville Horror!

The Amityville haunting is perhaps the most famous ghost story in America. Ronald Defeo Jr. was convicted for the 1974 killing of his mother, father and four of their children at their home in Amityville, New York. Reports indicate that the gun Ronald used didn’t have a silencer, and there was no sign of a struggle inside the house — facts that left investigators puzzled.

In 1975, a new family, the Lutzes, moved into the Amityville home, having bought it at a discounted price. They lived there for less than a month. During that time, voices were heard around the house, their daughter developed an imaginary friendship with a red-eyed pig called Jodie, the house attracted swarms of flies, there was banging on the walls and the furniture was said to move on its own, according to reports from the family. [Spooky! Top 10 Unexplained Phenomena]

Paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren were called in to investigate, and they also reported encountering paranormal phenomena. Ed Warren said he was pushed to the floor of the basement by an unknown force. The house still stands today, although recent owners say it is not haunted. The 1977 book “The Amityville Horror” and a number of films are based on the story. (Image Credit: courtesy Wikimedia, released into public domain)




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Verify What Spirits Surround You – By Maggie Wahls



There is a specific technique that Shaman use to determine if spirits, guides, entities, beings that visit him or her are beneficial or not. It is an ancient technique that has been around as long as Shamanism has been around. It was written in Egyptian papyrus scrolls. It is found in the Book of Thoth, another ancient manuscript. It is found in the Bible.

I want to teach it to you now. It is very simple. If you ever find yourself in an encounter with anything that you cannot determine if it is good or bad for you, just ask it three times,

Did my Creator send you here?


Creator means the one who created you, your Source, your God and you can use God or Source instead of Creator if you wish. For example:

Did my God send you here to benefit God? 

Did my Source send you here to benefit Source?

Benefit my Creator means anything that will further the good work of Creator in your life or someone else’s.

No negative spirit, entity, being, non physical manifestation can answer this question by lying three times in a row. If this is a good spirit, an angel, a guide, a beneficent presence it will recognize that you are being discriminate and careful and will gladly answer yes three times. If it is a thing of negative energy it may lie two times or even try to change the subject, but it not be able to say yes when asked the third time. When it cannot answer the third time do also send it away from you by saying:

Go back to the one who created you.


Put some protection around yourself whether that is a light of protection, the calling in of Creator’s own protection, calling on angels to be with you, however you protect yourself.

Why should I protect myself?

There are innumerable energies swirling all around us. Everything is energy. We are immersed in a huge sea of energy. Energy itself is neither good nor bad. But energy can be made positive or negative. A negative thought or intention can be sent out into this sea of energy and travel like a radio wave in space. A positive thought or intention does the same. These energies are created by that thought or intention and they never are reversed, they never wear out and die. So imagine all the thoughts and intentions in the universe that have ever been created. Wow! Why let all those thought energies bombard you? No need. Why not just let those positive energies that can benefit you be the ones you allow into your energy field and protect yourself from all the rest.


A Shaman keeps a bubble of protection around him or herself at all times. It is not because the Shaman feels threatened or is in danger. It is just because we simply do not need all these errant energies affecting us. There are many ways to protect yourself from errant energies. One way to visualize that you are inside a soap bubble. This soap bubble is always with you, always around you as long as you want it to be. You only have to think of it to know it is there. Inside this soap bubble is the pure white light of Creator, of Source. It is beautiful and sacred and is actually the love of Creator for you that you have always had since before you were born. The outside of this bubble you can visualize as a kind of semi permeable Teflon material. It is a very fine mesh that keeps out negative energy and only allows in energy that benefits you, good energy.

This is your bubble, your space, your self, where you are safe and secure and always in the presence of Creator who has always been with you. It is really a beautiful space to have around yourself and I want you to know this gift and feel it in your daily life. Just remember this bubble in the morning and at night as you lie down to sleep. Only good energy, love, peace, happiness, joy, abundance can get into this bubble of protection. Only those spirits, angels, good guides who are made by your Creator and sent by your Creator can enter here. Try this and find a new sense of comfort and freedom in your life. Remember that every thought and intention you create also exists forever. Try to think positive thoughts and intend good things. In this way you become a healer in this world.








Locations Reported To Be Haunted or Possessed

Three considered to be most haunted in the State:


#1  —  Adams Grove Presbyterian Church in Dallas County, Alabama

#2  — The Dr. John R. Drish House in Tuscaloosa

#3  —  Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham
  • Adams Grove Presbyterian Church and the adjacent cemetery in Dallas County are sites of multiple reported paranormal events and have been studied by several paranormal research groups.[1][2]
  • Auburn University Chapel on the Auburn University campus in Auburn was used as a Civil War hospital. Reports have been made of a haunting by a Confederate soldier named Sydney Grimlett.[3]
  • The Boyington Oak in Mobile is a Southern live oak that reportedly grew from the grave of Charles Boyington in the potter’s field just outside the walls of Church Street Graveyard. Boyington was tried and executed for the murder of his friend, Nathaniel Frost, on February 20, 1835. He said a tree would spring from his grave as proof of his innocence.[4]
  • The Dr. John R. Drish House in Tuscaloosa has a tower that has reportedly been seen on numerous occasions to be on fire, when no fire was actually there. Also, ghostly lights are said to have been seen emanating from house.[5]
  • Gaineswood in Demopolis is reportedly haunted by the ghost of a former housekeeper from Virginia. She was in charge of running the house for General Whitfield after the death of his wife. Her ghost supposedly plays the piano in the music room.[6]
  • Kenworthy Hall near Marion has a fourth-floor tower room that is alleged to be haunted by the ghost of a young woman. She sits in a window awaiting the return of a lover who died during the American Civil War.[7]
  • Edmund King House on the University of Montevallo campus in Shelby County is reported to be the site of spectral lights, the sound of footsteps, and other unexplained noises.[8]
  • Oakleigh in Mobile is said to be haunted by a female ghost in the front parlor and also to have poltergeist-like activity in other parts of the mansion, including furniture moving by itself, disembodied voices, and shadow figures.[9]
  • Pickens County Courthouse in Carrollton is alleged to be haunted by the ghost of a former slave, Henry Wells, who was lynched by a mob after being accused of burning down the second county courthouse. Soon afterward, the ghostly image of a face appeared in an upper window of the new third county courthouse to profess Wells’ innocence. Supposedly, every windowpane in the courthouse was broken in ahailstorm one year, except for that pane.[10]
  • Pratt Hall at Huntingdon College in Montgomery is reportedly haunted by a Red Lady. Huntingdon was originally a Methodist female college and the Red Lady is alleged to be the ghost of a lonely girl who committed suicide.[11][12]
  • The Richards DAR House in Mobile is reportedly the site of disembodied laughter, the singing of childlike voices, and a ghostly figure that appears in an upstairs bedroom window.[13]
  • Rocky Hill Castle, site of a former plantation near Courtland, is purported to be haunted by a “lady in blue”, ghosts of Civil War soldiers, and the ghosts of tortured slaves. Prior to its destruction, it was also alleged that knocking and banging of unknown origin occurred in the house.[14][15][16]
  • Sloss Furnaces in Birmingham is allegedly haunted by workers who died there in its time as a working blast furnace. It was investigated on the TV series Ghost Adventures.[17]
  • Sturdivant Hall in Selma is purported to be haunted by the ghost of the second owner, John McGee Parkman. Parkman, imprisoned byReconstruction authorities for alleged embezzlement, died during an escape attempt from Cahaba Prison in 1867.[18][19]
  • Sweetwater Mansion in Florence, Alabama was built in 1828. Both Union and Confederate officers stayed there during their respective occupations of the city during the Civil War. Reported activity including children’s laughter, moving objects, and numerous apparitions has been investigated by local paranormal groups and a team from the television show Paranormal State.[20][21][22]
  • The Tombigbee River near Pennington is reportedly haunted by the ghost ship Eliza Battle. The ship is supposed to return during especially cold, stormy nights to warn of impending disaster.[23][24] Likewise, the former captain of the James T. Staples reportedly appears near the site of that disaster at Bladon Springs.[25]

Active Florida HAUNTINGS …

Active Haunts In Florida


Police & Coast Guard Respond  —-  By Susan Gotleib —-  Florida is usually associated in the world’s mind as a place with sun and fun, beaches, theme parks, beautiful weather … you know – Paradise.

What many people do not know about Florida, is its secret reputation for harboring the sites of many serious hauntings. Where are these spirited places? Let’s take a look at where you can rub shoulders with very real and still very active haunts, poltergeists, possessed environments, and more.


Key West – Land of Pirates and Ghost Ships

Ghost ships

Most people do not realize that the city immortalized as “Margaritaville” has its roots in salvage and piracy. Many local residents swear, even as journalists report, that Key West spirits are indeed restless throughout the city and surrounding shores. Even some areas of the waterways are troubled by histories of dead ‘ghost ships’ and mysterious lights that disappear down into the dark waters of the ocean.

One good example, are the nighttime waters off Southernmost Point near Key West, reputed to bristle the skin after dusk with shadowy wooden skiffs, ancient fishing vessels, appearing unmanned bobbing up and down on waves, creaking noisily as they do, as though carrying great weight, yet slipping in and out of the evening fog all the way East up to Smathers Beach nearing the Key West International Airport, dissolving into nothingness. No ID numbers are visible to identify these boats, but so many were spotted and reported in one night alone that authorities believed there must be multiple dozens of skiffs adrift – yet none were found whatsoever by Coast Guard investigators sent into those dark waters.


Florida Royalty and “Young Molly”

Haunted Key West

After dark, a walking tour of Key West reveals varying, but nonetheless, very true tales of murder, war, hangings, deadly intrigue, ships scuttled by storm and cannon, captives tortured for information about routes of ships with valuable goods to plunder; and other terrifyingly details that bring to life – so to speak — for some visitors, the reality of the ghostly phenomena found in Key West; though frightening for some, and horrible for many.

Here is an example of an odd haunting: “Florida Royalty,” really a German count who called Key West home. Who in the early 20th century dug up the body of his one true love; she was a lady whom had come to Florida with him, helped him establish a thriving business, then she died unexpectedly two years later, she succumbing to a Caribbean fever.

By extracting a corpse from the ground, the Count became a target of snipes and rumors which fueled stories about his craziness and demented activities. Worse still, the rumors state he dresses his wife’s dead body in her finest attire then serenades her corpse for hours at a time; he fully behaving as though his dead wife were alive and active in the conversations. That performance continued on and off for seven years! Imagine the heady smell of rotting flesh that must have been created  … we are talking hot Key West weather!

Actual Haunted Doll

Said to be photograph of actual doll from 1971

And let’s not forget the story of the haunted doll. A young girl living in town with her mother, her mother being a barmaid at one of the busy liquor stops in the town of Key West during the early 1970’s, the mother having recently purchased at a flea market a used doll by name of Molly for her child. The young girl loved the gift, and clutched and babied and played with her dolly for hours at a time. She even insisted to feed the dolly at their kitchen table, which her mother allowed her to do.

One morning, a month or so after the doll arrived, when the girl reported to her mother about how Molly has been speaking aloud, saying mean things about the neighbors, now threatening to take action against them if they do not keep their drunken antics quiet at night when Molly needs to sleep. The announcement frightened the mother. Wondering if her baby girl was ill or just playing – she could not tell, so took the girl to the local doctor – whose medical practice operated out of a corner bar called “Chester’s Revenge.” Opinions varied there at ‘Chester’s’ about whether the doll really talked or the words the girl heard were just imagination … or something more. Some bar patrons swearing they, too, could hear the dolly speak and even see its lips move when doing so. Such phenomena always occurred not long after several rounds of liquor had been distributed and imbibed. With no resolution to the question of either the doll’s ability to speak, or whether the daughters had an illness, the mother set the incident aside in her mind.

Till a month later, when the mother, impatient with her daughter repeatedly not obeying some simple household rule her mother had asked her observe, punished her daughter with a light spank on the girl’s bottom; at which time a screaming, loud and demanding “STOP THAT NOW” came from the corner of the room where the doll sat upright on the floor, its dead doll eyes staring directly at the mother. Neighbors, too, just outside, heard shouts from the home, and came to check. All witnesses reported seeing the doll’s mouth move as curses and angry words spilled forth from the cloth doll’s sewn lips. A nervous husband of one of the neighbors there checking the status of the girl’s house, picked up the doll after donning his work gloves and tossed the dolly to the fireplace, where it burst into blue flames, leaving behind a course smell of acrid smoke in its wake. The mother, with her daughter in tow, deciding that it was time to leave Key West – immediately and permanently – returned she and her daughter to Cincinnati, Ohio, which was their family point of origin.

Haunted Key West, FL

Whether with an organized tour of Key West or a self-guided amble around the town, when it comes to haunts, spooks, possessed possessions, ghost ships and other unusual phenomena, Key West is a good choice. Just remember to bring along a good can of ghost repellent – no joke!


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Protection From Spirits & Threats – By Samantha Stevens



The mysteries of herbal traditions go back tens-of-thousands of years, in some cases hundreds-of-thousands of years. Such depths of knowledge are difficult to plumb without a map or guide. This article is, to a novice degree, such a map. Offering reliable insight into both historical and anecdotal use of specific herbs to help ward off the negative influence of others whether the influence is deliberate or a matter of collateral damage, suspected hauntings, poltergeist related events, psychic attack, or human spirits on a rampage, the herbal influences below are based on thousands of year of study, whose outcomes resulted, in ancient times, in many safe and effective medications that even equal today’s medications,

herbal remedies

such as how the “Horney Goat’s Weed,” an herb that, for some users, rivals the effects of various popular ‘erectile dis-function’ medications available by prescription right now. Read on as the door to the secret power of plants swings wide to allow you a peek inside the workings of nature, thanks to the favors of one said to be an expert in such matters …


If you have never used plant matter in magic before, I explain in detail below the Plants, Herbs and Roots of Prosperity, the different ways these materials can be practically used, in popular home customs and everyday ritual use to protect individuals and groups of living creatures, possessions, the future of those we love, and to protect from the ever present negative outcomes of creepy “bad vibes.”

In brief, this article reviews the main methods of using plant material to create protection; which are: carrying the live plant material substance on your person in a locket or a sachet, boiling the herb and sprinkling the residual water around your residence, putting a sprig of it under bed or pillow, and bathing in a distillation of it or burning it as incense. Also with love attracting, a sister process to protection, just keeping the living plant in your house can help increase your vibrations.

( * Note:  Herbs can be harvested from fields and woods or purchased. As long as the materials are herbicide, fertilizer or otherwise chemically free and organic, there should no problem using fresh herbs.)

protection herbs

Below I have detailed a list how each herb is used and the historical protective purpose of each herb.

Welcome to:     Plants, Herbs and Roots of Prosperity

Ague Weed  (Boneset): Put this herb into a bath, alleged to banish evil spirits.

Agrimony: Burned or sprinkled around the house to send bad spirits back to the sender.

Angelica:  Organic Angelica oil is worn on the person to protect from evil spirits. However a drawback of this herb is that it also may protect you from opportunities. Angelica was used formally in rites of exorcism to get rid of bad spirits. Brew the herb into a tea it and sprinkle in the corners of a house to protect from evil spirits. It is also warn on the person in a locket or sachet for personal protection.

Anise: Stuffed under a pillow it protects from nightmares.

Ash: The branches can be shaken and rattled like a wand to cleanse a place of bad energy.

Asafoetida: Kept in a potpourri or burned for protection.

Bergamot: Usually used for money, but some sources say it can be used for personal protection and to attract good spirits.

Borage:  Place in an area that is suspicious, it is said to make the truth come out or have dishonesty, plots or secrets revealed.

Broom Tops: Boiled in salt water to keep evil spirits and ghosts away.

Caraway: Carry the seeds on your person to protect from disease and ill health. A few seeds in the clothing of a loved one are said to protect your marriage from infidelity.

Carnations: A bouquet of fresh or dried blossoms is said to protect the home and family from rivals and attackers of all sorts.

Camphor: Worn as a balm it is used to ward off physical attack or unwanted advances from others.

rose hips


Cedar: The boughs or incense are burnt to protect the home from spirits. It also protects those in deep meditation or doing rituals from picking up unwanted energies and astral attack. It is toxic to reptiles and birds, however, so you should be careful using it if you have either as pets.

Coriander: Burn as an incense or wear the seeds on your person to protect against attack. Helps keep friends and lovers from accidents.

Dill: Sprinkle in a corner of a children’s room to protect them from harm.

Elder: A highly protective tree whose branches are burnt or kept in the home to save residents from accidents and attacks of all kinds.

Eucalyptus: Burnt in the home to protect the health from viruses, disease and plagues.

Geranium: Live bouquets, oil and incense are kept in the home to protect the family against attacks of all kinds and also disease. Geranium oil is worn to protect one’s health.

Heather: The sprigs are worn on one’s person or kept in the house to protect from evil spirits and unwanted attentions.

Lavender: Use a fresh bouquet, dried flowers, oil, perfume or incense to protect and shield your person and home from bad vibrations and negative people.

Marjoram: Sprinkled in the house for protection against accidents, burglars and unwanted visitors.

Myrtle: A sprig is kept above the front door for protection.

Motherwort: Burned or kept in sachets or lockets on the person for personal protection.

Pennyroyal: Burned to protect against domestic abuse and violence in the home.

Pine: A wreath of pine protects from bad spirits and attracts good spirits. The incense clears spaces of bad vibrations.

Snakeroot: Used to banish a person or thing from a home.

Rue: Rue Candles are burned for protection and the herb is burned to rid space of bad thought forms and malevolent energies.

Slippery Elm: Place the herb in the place where you wish to get rid of slander or gossip. It may also be burned while sending bad thoughts back to the sender.

Vetivert: Wear the oil to protect yourself when you go out in dangerous or iffy situations.