Protection From Spirits & Threats – By Samantha Stevens



The mysteries of herbal traditions go back tens-of-thousands of years, in some cases hundreds-of-thousands of years. Such depths of knowledge are difficult to plumb without a map or guide. This article is, to a novice degree, such a map. Offering reliable insight into both historical and anecdotal use of specific herbs to help ward off the negative influence of others whether the influence is deliberate or a matter of collateral damage, suspected hauntings, poltergeist related events, psychic attack, or human spirits on a rampage, the herbal influences below are based on thousands of year of study, whose outcomes resulted, in ancient times, in many safe and effective medications that even equal today’s medications,

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such as how the “Horney Goat’s Weed,” an herb that, for some users, rivals the effects of various popular ‘erectile dis-function’ medications available by prescription right now. Read on as the door to the secret power of plants swings wide to allow you a peek inside the workings of nature, thanks to the favors of one said to be an expert in such matters …


If you have never used plant matter in magic before, I explain in detail below the Plants, Herbs and Roots of Prosperity, the different ways these materials can be practically used, in popular home customs and everyday ritual use to protect individuals and groups of living creatures, possessions, the future of those we love, and to protect from the ever present negative outcomes of creepy “bad vibes.”

In brief, this article reviews the main methods of using plant material to create protection; which are: carrying the live plant material substance on your person in a locket or a sachet, boiling the herb and sprinkling the residual water around your residence, putting a sprig of it under bed or pillow, and bathing in a distillation of it or burning it as incense. Also with love attracting, a sister process to protection, just keeping the living plant in your house can help increase your vibrations.

( * Note:  Herbs can be harvested from fields and woods or purchased. As long as the materials are herbicide, fertilizer or otherwise chemically free and organic, there should no problem using fresh herbs.)

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Below I have detailed a list how each herb is used and the historical protective purpose of each herb.

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Ague Weed  (Boneset): Put this herb into a bath, alleged to banish evil spirits.

Agrimony: Burned or sprinkled around the house to send bad spirits back to the sender.

Angelica:  Organic Angelica oil is worn on the person to protect from evil spirits. However a drawback of this herb is that it also may protect you from opportunities. Angelica was used formally in rites of exorcism to get rid of bad spirits. Brew the herb into a tea it and sprinkle in the corners of a house to protect from evil spirits. It is also warn on the person in a locket or sachet for personal protection.

Anise: Stuffed under a pillow it protects from nightmares.

Ash: The branches can be shaken and rattled like a wand to cleanse a place of bad energy.

Asafoetida: Kept in a potpourri or burned for protection.

Bergamot: Usually used for money, but some sources say it can be used for personal protection and to attract good spirits.

Borage:  Place in an area that is suspicious, it is said to make the truth come out or have dishonesty, plots or secrets revealed.

Broom Tops: Boiled in salt water to keep evil spirits and ghosts away.

Caraway: Carry the seeds on your person to protect from disease and ill health. A few seeds in the clothing of a loved one are said to protect your marriage from infidelity.

Carnations: A bouquet of fresh or dried blossoms is said to protect the home and family from rivals and attackers of all sorts.

Camphor: Worn as a balm it is used to ward off physical attack or unwanted advances from others.

rose hips


Cedar: The boughs or incense are burnt to protect the home from spirits. It also protects those in deep meditation or doing rituals from picking up unwanted energies and astral attack. It is toxic to reptiles and birds, however, so you should be careful using it if you have either as pets.

Coriander: Burn as an incense or wear the seeds on your person to protect against attack. Helps keep friends and lovers from accidents.

Dill: Sprinkle in a corner of a children’s room to protect them from harm.

Elder: A highly protective tree whose branches are burnt or kept in the home to save residents from accidents and attacks of all kinds.

Eucalyptus: Burnt in the home to protect the health from viruses, disease and plagues.

Geranium: Live bouquets, oil and incense are kept in the home to protect the family against attacks of all kinds and also disease. Geranium oil is worn to protect one’s health.

Heather: The sprigs are worn on one’s person or kept in the house to protect from evil spirits and unwanted attentions.

Lavender: Use a fresh bouquet, dried flowers, oil, perfume or incense to protect and shield your person and home from bad vibrations and negative people.

Marjoram: Sprinkled in the house for protection against accidents, burglars and unwanted visitors.

Myrtle: A sprig is kept above the front door for protection.

Motherwort: Burned or kept in sachets or lockets on the person for personal protection.

Pennyroyal: Burned to protect against domestic abuse and violence in the home.

Pine: A wreath of pine protects from bad spirits and attracts good spirits. The incense clears spaces of bad vibrations.

Snakeroot: Used to banish a person or thing from a home.

Rue: Rue Candles are burned for protection and the herb is burned to rid space of bad thought forms and malevolent energies.

Slippery Elm: Place the herb in the place where you wish to get rid of slander or gossip. It may also be burned while sending bad thoughts back to the sender.

Vetivert: Wear the oil to protect yourself when you go out in dangerous or iffy situations.