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Welcome to Sacred Seed where we take great pride in our hand-watered, hand-trimmed medicine. “All members and first time guests receive 15% of ALL smokeables and 10% off anything else in the store ALL day, EVERY day! Stop in and check us out. Connoisseur Quality, Value Pricing.” Sacred Seed was founded in 2009. We have been working on The Sacred Seed vision since early 2008. Sacred Seed was created with YOUR wellness in mind. We are dedicated to bringing Colorado Medical Marijuana Patients the best quality cannabis and cannabis infusedRead More

Medical Dispensary — TURNS — HEMP AMBASSADORS


ABOUT … NATIVE ROOTS ” …  premium cannabis products including flowers (weed), edibles, and our world-renowned concentrate line – Native Roots Extracts.” What began as a medical dispensary on the famous 16th Street Mall in Denver has grown through a partnership with Boulder medical dispensary, The Dandelion, forming the Native Roots Colorado brand. Devoted to quality products and customer experience, Native Roots is synonymous with premium cannabis products including flowers (weed), edibles, and our world-renowned concentrate line – Native Roots Extracts. Whether you are a Colorado Native, or visiting forRead More

Welcome to … Mary Jane’s House of Glass


And House of Soy Candles & Amazing Glass Items BY:    “Baby Jane” We are a small family business that was started in July of 2000 with a creative thought and a clear vision from Mary Jane. As she sat on the couch at her daughters house, glancing at an old wooden built-in book case from a 1970’s home, she gave a long stare and a deep thought and said “I could use that book case.” I asked, “For what?” She said, “The shelving is perfectly spaced to display a setRead More

KENTUCKY … Industrial Hemp Program


Industrial Hemp Program The Kentucky Department of Agriculture Industrial Hemp Pilot Research Program is the result of the passage of two separate laws: Kentucky’s Senate Bill 50, passed by the Kentucky General Assembly in 2013, and the 2014 Federal Farm Bill signed into law February 7, 2014. Senate Bill 50 exempted industrial hemp from the state controlled substances act but also mandated that Kentucky follow all federal rules and regulations with respect to industrial hemp. The 2014 Federal Farm Bill section 7606 allows state departments of agriculture, in states whereRead More

Growing Guide: Tips to Grow Your Own Marijuana

How to trim hemp plants

Growing Guide: 11 Essential Tips to Grow Your Own Marijuana            By Michelle Slatalla   Marijuana has momentum. Are you keeping score? In the US, some states have legalized marijuana for recreational use, some states allow medicinal use, a slew of others have lessened legal penalties, and the New York Times has exhorted the federal government to repeal a 40-year ban on “a substance far less dangerous than alcohol.”   Here are 10 tips to grow your own marijuana and maximize potency of the plant’s active ingredient, THC (tetrahydrocannabinol):  Read More



HOW TO HIDE A HEMP GROW ROOM That’s right, some states still give a hard eyed view to regular folks growing their own strains of cannabis. We do not endorse the illegal growing of hemp in states that do not have such laws; but if they choose for their own reasons to grow that plant, the comments herein may fall to fertile ears, and thus save the state the cost of housing and feeding and monitoring some of its citizens unnecessarily, possibly for years on end.   Creating a stealthyRead More

HEMP TOURISM … Now All Citizens Can Partake


For much of the USA, citizens have to hide certain wild herbs they cultivate so “the law” doesn’t use it as an excuse to apply unfair “civil asset forfeiture” actions against innocent folks growing an innocent wild weed. The plans don’t know their precarious lives are in danger in certain states.   But now there are some safer ways to access those wild weeds, after they have been carefully harvested and tenderly dried to perfection. But … you do have travel to Colorado or California and just a short handful ofRead More