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” …  premium cannabis products including flowers (weed), edibles, and our world-renowned concentrate line – Native Roots Extracts.”

What began as a medical dispensary on the famous 16th Street Mall in Denver has grown through a partnership with Boulder medical dispensary, The Dandelion, forming the Native Roots Colorado brand. Devoted to quality products and customer experience, Native Roots is synonymous with premium cannabis products including flowers (weed), edibles, and our world-renowned concentrate line – Native Roots Extracts.
Whether you are a Colorado Native, or visiting for a short trip – Native Roots is always just a short trip away. With nine stores and counting throughout Colorado, we provide our patients and patrons with quality, accessible cannabis. We carry a wide selection of marijuana, edibles, BHO extracts including shatter, wax, and live resin, marijuana-infused products, topical alternatives, and an array of accessories.
Known worldwide for our celebrity appeal and collaboration with some of today’s biggest entertainers, we are Colorado’s most recognizable cannabis dispensary. Our mission is to provide high quality cannabis to medical patients and recreational customers throughout Colorado. Our storefronts offer a unique, trendy, inviting environment where learning about and purchasing cannabis is made easy. Our budtenders offer extensive product and cannabis knowledge to help you find the best products to suit your needs.
With plans for continued expansion across the state of Colorado, we look forward to serving the Colorado Cannabis Community for years to come.

Native Roots Colorado is the premier authority on all things cannabis in Colorado. It is our company’s mission to work within each community to provide safe and welcoming facilities that offer a concierge style cannabis shopping experience in an upscale atmosphere. We serve a vast demographic of customers who are local, national, and international. Whether our guests have experience with cannabis, or no experience at all, we place a heavy focus on educating them on all matters relating to cannabis and its responsible consumption while they are with us. We are passionate about our product, our brand, our culture, and our customers. As Native Roots employees, we are expected to have fun, exemplify a “next level” hospitality experience to all of our customers, support our teammates, take responsibility in each of our roles, and take pride in our work and the Native Roots Brand. Each employee is an integral part of our individual shops success, and the success of our company as a whole. We are the Native Roots fam and we are a family on a mission.

Native Roots is Colorado’s most recognized marijuana dispensary brand providing a variety of organically grown, high quality retail and medical cannabis, extracts, infused products, and more. We are the Colorado cannabis leader with oversight on every aspect, from cultivation, to production and sales. We take great pride in not only our weed, but also products from trusted vendors that produce quality, reliable cannabis products that we know will work for our patrons – the Native Fam.
With 9 locations and counting throughout the state of Colorado, we are working to make legal cannabis accessible to all regions of the Centennial State. Native Roots is the nation’s largest and leading dispensary chain providing a massive variety of marijuana, marijuana-infused products, and accessories. Each of our stores offers a wide selection of products in addition to flowers (buds), which include wax, shatter, pre-rolled cones, vape pens, dab rigs, and so much more. Our style, exemplary customer service, and dedication to quality are how we do things the Native Way.

Welcome to the Native Family!

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