Cure Your Wind & Sun Cracked Skin

Hemp Oil Skin Care

Sun or Snow or Wind – all burn … so FIX IT! – By Amber Moyer


Whether your skin or the skin of a loved one has been rendered brittle, scaly, itchy or otherwise uncomfortable by near constant breezes or snowy gales, or if your skin has been roasted by hot sun-rays to a fine “medium-rare” — Hemp seed oil is here to rescue that hot, dry, itchy skin, along with your hair, nails, and your insides too. Hemp seeds are full of good stuff like vitamin E, protein, and omega fatty acids. Add them to your salads as a delicious, crunchy topping, or blended into a smoothie. And don’t worry, there’s nothing illegal about hemp seed oil because it doesn’t contain THC, the stuff that gets some people high. Hemp has so many uses, but for today let the focus be on what it can do for your body. Check it out below.


Hemp Body Butter

Hemp Seed Oil Body Butter; this balm is fantastic. If you’ve ever wondered what the skin of a goddess feels like, try this and you’ll know. Use it right after a shower to lock in moisture, and you’re skin will feel smooth and hydrated all day. Details here





Hemp hand cream

Hemp Hand Cream; I don’t know about you, but my hands get so dry and crackly sometimes. A little squirt of hemp hand cream a couple times a day makes them feel so much better. This stuff not only does wonders for your hands but also your fingernails. Try it for yourself. Your hands will love you for it. Details here






Hemp Soap

Hemp Soap; It’s no secret. Soap can really dry you out. But have you tried hemp soap? It actually has the opposite effect. You can even use hemp soap on your hair and it gives your hair a healthy shine like never before. And it’s great for sensitive skin, even recommended for people with eczema and other forms of psoriasis. Details here










Hemp is a wonderful resource. There’s so much you can do with it, hemp clothes, hemp jewelry, hemp fuel, hemp food…it’s amazing. And we are finally reaching a point where everyone is starting to realize that not only is this plant not bad for you…it’s actually really good for you! We are living at the dawn of a new era, an era where hemp is finally recognized as the invaluable resource that our ancestors knew it was thousands of years ago. And readers, I am so happy to be here for it!





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