October, 2016


If Question 200 passes: What a ban on retail pot could look like in Pueblo

Colorado municipalities can “opt-out” of retail marijuana, and Pueblo County could do just that with the passage of Question 200 in Election 2016. READ MORE HERE

This ex-Treasury Department employee has a solution to bank the marijuana industry: How it works

A former federal banking examiner just launched a company that he says could solve the payment problems that are part of cannabis industry banking issues. READ MORE HERE

Why proposed rules for marijuana jobs in Alaska’s pot shops are being criticized

Alaska marijuana jobs is attracting resumes, but proposed regulations for employees have been deemed too harsh may keep hopefuls from entering the field. READ MORE HERE

Concentrated: A new era for cannabis extracts in California

Either way you look at it, the cannabis concentrate market is poised to expand in California through the state’s new medical marijuana rules and a potential recreational market. READ MORE HERE

'A drug dealer in a suit is still a drug dealer': Experts in nearby states warn against California legalization

An addiction expert from Colorado, where weed is legal, Ben Cort is drowning in a sea of concern over Proposition 64 and California legalization. READ MORE HERE