November, 2016


'There's a long road ahead': Lawmakers consider taxes on Montana medical marijuana

Lawmakers will be asked to consider placing a tax on the sale of Montana medical marijuana. READ MORE HERE

Directing some Colorado pot tax money to homeless programs is a good call

Denver Post editorial: It’s easy to see how marijuana taxes used under John Hickelooper’s proposal could create far more concrete and reliable solutions for Colorado’s homeless population. READ MORE HERE

Want to smoke Hunter S. Thompson's weed? Gonzo brand marijuana in works

Anita Thompson, widow of author and journalist Hunter S. Thompson, has announced plans for a Gonzo brand of cannabis for recreational marijuana shops. READ MORE HERE

How California legalization helps those already in the criminal justice system

Proposition 64 does more than legalize the adult use of pot. This is how it can also help those already in the criminal justice system for drug offenses. READ MORE HERE

Thank this man for helping medical marijuana make surprising headway in America's Heartland

A 66-year-old North Dakota native spearheaded the medical marijuana ballot measure overwhelmingly approved by voters after lawmakers shot down legislation. READ MORE HERE

Desperate Montana medical marijuana patients seek immediate re-opening of dispensaries

Montana medical marijuana advocates and patients are asking a judge to fix a mistake in a voter-approved ballot initiative that inadvertently delayed the re-opening of shuttered pot dispensaries. READ MORE HERE

ATF doubles down on marijuana gun ban, adds more explicit warning to firearm purchase form

The federal government just doubled down on its efforts to keep guns away from cannabis patients and enthusiasts. READ MORE HERE

'No one has done this in Oregon since liquor Prohibition': Cities setting rules after opting in to legal weed

About 30 counties and cities in the state approved some type of Oregon marijuana businesses in the 2016 election – and now they’re setting new rules. READ MORE HERE

Bars just got nixed from seeking Denver social marijuana use permits

State licensing officials delivered a blow Friday to Denver’s Initiative 300 with a new rule that will keep bars and many restaurants from applying for social marijuana use permits. READ MORE HERE

Prop. 64 passed, but this California university still says no to toking on campus

Adults can now legally smoke and grow marijuana for recreational use in California, but Stanford University students won’t be allowed to light up on campus. The possession, use and growth of marijuana will remain prohibited on Stanford property, including off-campus housing, despite the passage of Proposition 64 in last week’s… READ MORE HERE