January, 2017


Bill adding PTSD to Colorado medical marijuana list clears Senate committee

A state Senate committee voted 5-0 on Monday afternoon to advance a bill that seeks to include PTSD as a qualifying condition for Colorado medical marijuana. READ MORE HERE

DEA eyes Schedule I classification for a batch of synthetic cannabinoids

The U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration is in the final stages of scheduling three synthetic cannbinoids as Schedule I substances. READ MORE HERE

Cannabist Show: He's CEO of Sensi; He promises 'side-effect free' cannabis

Featured guests: CEO of Sensi Media, Ron Kolb, and CEO of LucidMood, Charles Jones, talking entering the marijuana industry, cannabinoid mixes and more. READ MORE HERE

ACLU demands Denver police stop targeting and ejecting suspected marijuana users from parks

The ACLU says a directive authorizing police to eject people from parks targets homeless people suspected of marijuana use. READ MORE HERE

'Bong App├ętit' co-host: These are the craziest things we did with marijuana in the kitchen

Viceland TV series “Bong Appetit” relishes in taking cannabis cuisine to “high”-end levels and making inventive confections. READ MORE HERE

Found not guilty? Don't expect to get your weed back in Colorado

The Colorado Supreme Court on Monday ruled that law enforcement officers cannot be forced to return marijuana to defendants even after they are acquitted of pot crimes because doing so would force officers to be marijuana “distributors” and violate federal law. READ MORE HERE

Cities in Canada weigh bans, new regs in march toward cannabis legalization

Canada has yet to formulate and implement cannabis legalization measures, but some cities already have begun preparations to adapt or brace for impact. READ MORE HERE

S02, Ep. 40: She sells green-certified cannabis; She steeps Tea-HC

Featured guests: Stillwater brand manager Missy Bradley and L’Eagle co-founder Amy Andrle talking certified green grows, concentrates and microdosing. READ MORE HERE

One year in, New Hampshire's medical marijuana program helps thousands

One year after New Hampshire’s medical marijuana program started, more than 2,000 people receive treatment to help with injuries, cancer and other diseases. READ MORE HERE

Washington considers allowing medical marijuana in schools

Washington lawmakers this week will consider a bill that would allow parents to administer medical marijuana to their children on school grounds. READ MORE HERE