February, 2017


Georgia moves forward on decriminalizing small amounts of marijuana, expanding medical cannabis

A Senate panel in the Georgia General Assembly has approved legislation that would reduce the punishment for possessing small amounts of marijuana. READ MORE HERE

First-time marijuana offense will no longer mean losing driver's license in Virginia, if gov signs off

The General Assembly passed legislation that would allow those convicted of a first-time marijuana offense to avoid an automatic driver’s license suspension of six months. READ MORE HERE

Start your marriage on a high note: Tips for cannabis-themed weddings

The Cannabis Wedding Expo, expanding to three states in 2017, helps enthusiasts incorporate marijuana into their big day. Get tips and ideas from the pros. READ MORE HERE

Nevada continuing to plan for July marijuana sales, despite federal crackdown warning

CARSON CITY, Nev. — Nevada still plans to launch recreational marijuana sales in July despite warnings this week of a federal crackdown by the administration of President Donald Trump, state officials said Friday. Marijuana possession and sales are illegal under federal law, but Nevada voters decided in November to allow… READ MORE HERE

Medical marijuana bill moves ahead in South Carolina

A South Carolina medial marijuana bill is advancing in the House, after unanimous approval by a panel that heard testimony from ailing patients. READ MORE HERE

California vs. Trump administration: Bill would create sanctuary state for marijuana

If the Trump administration decides to crack down on marijuana, a group of California legislators want to make it illegal for California authorities to help. READ MORE HERE

Hair drug testing: Useful information for marijuana consumers

We asked experts for details on how hair drug tests work to help answer questions from readers who are trying to figure out how to approach this type of test.   READ MORE HERE

Oklahoma prepares for possibility of voters approving medical marijuana

An Oklahoma state lawmaker has already introduced legislation that would set the framework if voters approve medical marijuana legalization. READ MORE HERE

Weed delivered to your front door could be reality under new Colorado bill

A bill introduced this week in the Colorado Senate, SB 192, would open the door for home-delivered recreational and medical marijuana in the state. READ MORE HERE

Marijuana not Midol: Cannabis-infused solution to menstrual cramps

A cannabis suppository, blending THC and CBD, provided relief from menstrual cramps for one user in 20 minutes, lasting up to 20 hours. READ MORE HERE