April, 2017


Iowa takes small step to expand medical marijuana program, but advocates want more

A medical marijuana oil program approved by the Iowa Legislature might not offer much help to patients with qualifying medical conditions, but advocates say it’s at least a step in the right direction. READ MORE HERE

Boulder sheriff investigating role of illegal marijuana grow in triple homicide: 100 plants found

Boulder County Sheriff’s Office announced they removed more than 100 marijuana plants from a Coal Creek Canyon home where three people were found dead earlier this month. READ MORE HERE

Rewriting medical marijuana regulations "an insult" to Floridians who voted for Amendment 2

Via The Associated Press. The following editorial was published in the The Gainesville Sun, April 23, 2017: State constitutional amendments aren’t suggestions. When at least 60 percent of voters feel strongly enough about an issue that they approve putting it into the Florida Constitution, they expect state lawmakers to implement… READ MORE HERE

New report: For first time, drug use more likely than alcohol in fatal crashes

For the first time, statistics show that drivers killed in crashes are more likely to be on drugs than drunk. READ MORE HERE

Why Trump's wall wouldn't stop cross-border drug trafficking

Experts on the drug trade say a border wall, like the one Trump promises, would be near-impotent in stemming the supply of illegal drugs. READ MORE HERE

What's going on with getting recreational marijuana off the ground in Massachusetts?

Who will be in charge of regulating and enforcing Massachusetts’ new marijuana law remains the subject of behind-the-scenes maneuvering on Beacon Hill. READ MORE HERE

Videos from Civic Center show park was left a mess overnight after 4/20 event

Videos recorded by city security cameras in Civic Center show that cleanup activities following the large 4/20 celebration late Thursday night left plenty of trash strewn about the park. READ MORE HERE

Denver 4/20 wrap-up: Rain and one-hour lines, but thousands of enthusiastic attendees

Long lines, some over an hour, and rain greeted attendees trying to enter Civic Center for the annual 4/20 cannabis celebration. READ MORE HERE

This 4/20, here are 11 stats that show weed has definitely gone mainstream

A new survey from Yahoo News and Marist University illustrates how cannabis has become a part of everyday life for millions of Americans. READ MORE HERE

Cannabis activists plan smoking protest on steps of U.S. Capitol, risking arrest

Activists, including some military veterans, plan to light joints Monday on the steps of the U.S. Capitol to urge Congress to support marijuana legalization. READ MORE HERE