June, 2017


Denver finalizes first-in-nation marijuana social use rules, dropping some restrictions

Denver’s top licensing official unveiled final rules for a pilot program to allow patrons of some businesses to use marijuana in a social setting. READ MORE HERE

The country's next medical marijuana hotbed could be… Texarkana?

Texarkana, a city in southwest Arkansas is preparing to accommodate medical marijuana entrepreneurs approved for state licenses. READ MORE HERE

How to plan a 420-friendly vacation

Tips and resources to help you plan your weedcation, from where to go to how to book 420-friendly lodging to what you should and shouldn’t bring along. READ MORE HERE

Police methods increasingly used for marijuana DUI prosecution "not an exact science"

As driving under the influence of drugs grows, law enforcement agencies are training officers as drug recognition experts, but some question accuracy. READ MORE HERE

Food & Weed: How to avoid the allure of junk food when you're a cannabis-loving traveler

Holly Alberti, the well-traveled founder of Healthy Headie Lifestyle private cannabis shopping parties, shares her secrets for eating well on the cheap. READ MORE HERE

Data shows 1 in 3 Colorado weed dispensaries are chain retailers

Chain retailers in Colorado have been opening more cannabis stores than entrepreneurs, with nearly one in three cannabis stores operated by a chain retailer. READ MORE HERE

Exclusive: Sam Elliott and Nick Offerman toke up in dank drama "The Hero"

Sneak peek: Sam Elliott plays an aging Western icon with a golden voice – and a penchant for high-grade marijuana – in “The Hero,” Brett Haley’s latest indie film. FULL STORY READ MORE HERE

DEA seeks dismissal of hemp industry lawsuit fighting drug code for "marihuana extracts"

The legal distinctions between marijuana and hemp are at the center of a debate in a federal lawsuit. The Drug Enforcement Administration stands firm on its drug code for “marihuana extracts” in a brief filed Friday to the 9th U.S. Circuit Court of Appeals, and seeks to have a federal… READ MORE HERE

S03E07: This duo gives industry an HR assist with wide field of marijuana jobs

Featured guests: Brenda Blanchard-Kooser and Caela Bintner of Faces Human Capital Management. Talking marijuana jobs and finding the right employees, worker issues. READ MORE HERE

Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin says MMJ "may be helpful" but hands tied by federal law

Veterans Affairs Secretary David Shulkin said federal law prevents the department from implementing any potential benefits of medical marijuana for veterans. READ MORE HERE