July, 2017


Medical marijuana patient asks Nevada Supreme Court to reconsider his case

A medical marijuana patient is asking the Nevada Supreme Court to reconsider its refusal to end mandatory state registration and fees for medical cards. READ MORE HERE

Maryland's top court hears case on medical marijuana growers' dispute

Maryland’s top court heard arguments about whether finalists to be medical marijuana growers could intervene in a lawsuit on the state selection process. READ MORE HERE

Los Angeles might create its own bank for the cannabis industry (among others)

Los Angeles city leaders are looking into the possibility of a public bank that would do business with marijuana dispensaries, which are currently cash-only. READ MORE HERE

Colorado Springs head shops accused of illegal marijuana sales; 13 indicted

The two Hoppz Cropz storefronts in Colorado Springs allegedly distributed nearly 200 pounds of marijuana via “free giveaways” of weed with other purchases and evaded taxes, officials say. READ MORE HERE

Marijuana backlash: Smell of smoke driving some former proponents away

In places where using marijuana no longer carries the threat of a jail sentence, the pungent odor of ganja is increasingly infiltrating daily life — and annoying nonsmokers. READ MORE HERE

Lucinda Williams "thrilled" about her namesake Colorado cannabis strain

Musician Lucinda Williams has garnered a passionate following over the years, and her fandom extends into the cannabis industry with a namesake weed strain. READ MORE HERE

Denver comic Josh Blue says he was robbed, assaulted in St. Paul bar

Comedian Josh Blue was assaulted Monday night at a St. Paul bar, according to a post on his Facebook page. READ MORE HERE

Much-contested Massachusetts marijuana bill finally OK'd by legislature

Lawmakers have signed off on a compromise Massachusetts marijuana bill that makes a number of changes to a voter-approved law for recreational use and sales. READ MORE HERE

Recreational weed sales begin tomorrow at Uruguay's pharmacies

Legal sales of marijuana for recreational purposes are set to begin next week in Uruguay at a limited number of pharmacies to nearly 5,000 registrants. READ MORE HERE

Massachusetts' top court says workers can't be fired for using medical marijuana

Massachusetts’ highest court has ruled that a woman who says she was fired for using marijuana legally obtained to treat Crohn’s Disease can sue her former employer. READ MORE HERE