August, 2017


Maryland medical marijuana licensee under federal investigation

The Maryland medical marijuana commission says it was unaware one of its dispensary licensees is under federal investigation for workplace discrimination. READ MORE HERE

Man blows up underground bunker while making hash oil, burning self and two others, sheriff says

A Larimer County man has been arrested on suspicion of child abuse after building an underground fallout bunker and then allegedly cooking hash oil in the room, blowing it up injuring himself and a juvenile. READ MORE HERE

Netflix weed strains inspired by "Arrested Development," "Bojack Horseman" and "Orange is the New Black"

Netflix entered the cannabis industry last weekend by releasing 10 special strains inspired by their best original shows. READ MORE HERE

Is is safer to drive high than drunk? Efforts to curtail marijuana-impaired driving collide with attitudes, medicinal use

Promoting cannabis as a safer alternative to alcohol was a tenet of the marijuana legalization movements in Colorado and other states. Early data indicate that attitude continues when people get behind the wheel. READ MORE HERE

Denver businesses can now apply for social marijuana use licenses

But the initial batch of license requests for the first-of-its-kind program may not come in immediately, given the extensive process required to apply. READ MORE HERE

Congressmen query Sessions over reported cannabis research obstruction

A bipartisan group of lawmakers sent a letter Wednesday to Attorney General Jeff Sessions expressing concern about a reported move by the Justice Department to halt marijuana research. READ MORE HERE

Cannabis life hacks: Five reasons you probably shouldn't smoke weed before a blind date

A bong rip would help you relax, you think. Yet the angel on your shoulder tells you: Smoke later, after your date ends. Listen to the angel READ MORE HERE

California county dampens plans to make entire town 420-friendly tourist destination

It appears that San Bernardino County may burn a company’s plans to turn Nipton, California into a marijuana tourism mecca. READ MORE HERE

Cannabis industry "deluged" with résumés from millennials

Millennials are the first generation of college graduates who can job-hunt in the legal marijuana industry, and many are showing an interest. READ MORE HERE

This just in: "Super Troopers 2" hits theaters 4/20

Will the snozzberries tast like snozzberries the second time around? READ MORE HERE