December, 2017


I grow pot in California for a living. I'm worried about legalization.

Second-generation cannabis farmer Chiah Rodriques warns new regulations may sacrifice her farm to big business. READ MORE HERE

Ask Amy: Mom doesn't want Dad to smoke marijuana in front of the kids

A man writes advice columnist Ask Amy regarding a conundrum he and his wife are facing: whether to be up-front with their kids about his smoking marijuana. READ MORE HERE

China's drug czar says marijuana legalization to blame for US opioid crisis

Yu Haibin of the China National Narcotics Control Commission said rampant over-prescription and “lax cultural attitudes” toward drugs had fueled massive demand for opioids in the U.S. READ MORE HERE

California, federal law will soon collide at US checkpoints

Marijuana will continue to be seized at eight Border Patrol checkpoints in California, a reminder that state and federal law collide when it comes to cannabis. READ MORE HERE

Easy as Pie Vegetable Tart: Perfect for parties or giving leftovers a tasty new look

Chef Laurie Wolf offers a weed recipe that can be dressed up for holiday hors d’oeuvres or dressed down for a quick weekday dinner. READ MORE HERE

The Cannabist's SmokeSongs: Christmas Trees

It’s the night before Christmas and all through the house, er, world, there’s … chaos. Tune out 2017 and turn up our latest playlist to elevate your Christmas cheer. READ MORE HERE

Los Angeles won't be ready to sell marijuana Jan. 1

California kicks off recreational sales on New Year’s Day, becoming the largest state in the nation with legal marijuana. READ MORE HERE

How To Review Cannabis: A Complete Guide

Remember: Never read the comments. READ MORE HERE

Is there such a thing as growing too much marijuana? Rhode Island thinks so

Rhode Island officials warn many medical marijuana cultivators will fail under the state’s current setup. READ MORE HERE

This marijuana-infused skirt steak salad makes for a refreshingly zesty meal

Looking for the best marijuana recipe for a delicious skirt steak salad? Look no further. You’ve found it READ MORE HERE