13 Sweet Leaf budtenders swept up in Denver police raids

The criminal activities alleged include sales of cannabis in violation of Colorado law, which stipulates that adults over the age of 21 can buy and possess up to 1 ounce of marijuana at a time, according to Denver police. READ MORE HERE

Maryland regulators more than double number of medical marijuana dispensaries

Maryland’s medical marijuana regulators on Thursday approved 12 new dispensaries, bringing the total number of fully-approved legal storefronts to 22. READ MORE HERE

Massachusetts cannabis panel backs social use venues

Massachusetts marijuana regulators have given preliminary approval to a plan that would allow sale and consumption of marijuana at businesses. READ MORE HERE

Colorado releases a trove of marijuana sales data

The Colorado Department of Revenue on Tuesday published a trove of previously unreleased sales data for the state’s marijuana retailers. READ MORE HERE

After a hot summer, Colorado's cannabis sales cool down

The October totals consisted of nearly $87.7 million in recreational sales and $33.9 million in medical cannabis sales, according to The Cannabist’s calculations. READ MORE HERE

Food & Weed: For chef Jaime Lewis, the sweet spot with edibles is the fresh mind-set

The allure of foodie fandom propelled Jaime Lewis’ early career as a professional chef, but a chance encounter inspired a new calling and her edibles company Mountain Medicine. READ MORE HERE

How potent is today's cannabis? Here's what the latest research has revealed

According to DEA seizure data for marijuana flower, the highest level of THC tested was 37 percent. Here’s a look at THC content of marijuana products, and the increasing potency and purity of some other commonly used substances. READ MORE HERE

Devoted cannabis activist who helped patients long before Washington legalized has died

Local law enforcement and attorneys were sympathetic to JoAnna McKee’s efforts to provide medical marijuana and assist AIDS patients and others. READ MORE HERE

How legalization has altered marijuana education for teens

Marijuana legalization has prompted questions and confusion among teens. They may be getting misinformation — and still face peer pressure, experts say. READ MORE HERE

Rush on at Indiana shops to snatch up CBD oil products before they're pulled

Indiana stores selling cannabis-derived CBD oil are seeing a spike in sales after the state’s attorney general declared the products illegal with one exception. READ MORE HERE