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New Carlisle- A great place to live

Have you ever found yourself looking around and feeling out of touch with what’s gong on around you? There is a place you can go that will make you feel like you’re home again…

Just hold your breath a moment or two, close your eyes, and let Hometown mid-America leak back into your psyche. All those ideas of hometown football games, friendly neighbors and the sounds of children playing are closer than you think. Add to it a low cost of living and having access to a state of the art hospital and healthcare of a larger metropolis.

Got your breath held? Your eyes closed? Ready for that hometown feel?

Then open your eyes and say I’m Home in New Carlisle, Ohio

The best of both these worlds is right at your fingertips in this hidden gem: A main street with local businesses bringing local buy-in. An updated hospital with friendly staff and a quick response time in emergencies. Streets that are safe to walk down at night. And now a community webpage with up-to-the-minute news, weather reports and audio broadcasts.

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