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Contract Deal for UHC and Premier Health

JAN 7 2018

New contract agreement reached between UnitedHealthCare and Premier Health

There is finally some good news to come to light regarding the battle between UnitedHealthCare (UHC) and Premier Health.

Since 2017, these two companies have been fighting each other,

leaving customers cut out and left in the cold. But, as of today, a new contract has been accepted and signed. Mary Boosalis of Premier Health has this to say about the arrangement: “We look forward to working with


       UnitedHealthcare to continue serving our community and having a positive impact for its members who live and work in our service area.”



The original contract between UHC and Premier Health expired six months ago and a new agreement was difficult to achieve, causing thousands of people paying out of network prices to be seen. One of the main issues between them was the way that UnitedHealthCare used a tier system based on the cost and quality of service. They rated Premier Health’s hospitals as a tier 2 organization based on that criteria, but Premier Health disagreed with that rating, saying that it din’t accurately reflect any differences in cost on their end. Kurt Lewis, CEO of UnitedHealthCare of Ohio, had this to say about why they had difficulty in reaching a decision: “Our priority is ensuring the people we serve have access to quality, cost effective health care.”

Despite both sides having a difficult time reaching that decision, both parties finally came to an agreement that worked for them. This new agreement will affect around 200,000 people in the region who are insured through UHC, 70,000 of whom had been treated by Premier Health providers.

For more information on what went on behind the decision making, check out this article.

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