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Cleanup Continues in Grainery Collapse

Crews continue to clean up corn after a major grain silo collapsed January 22.

After tons and tons of corn spilled out of the grain silo, residents in New Carlisle, Ohio couldn’t believe what happened.

The spill took down power lines and poles, knocking out electricity to surrounding homes.

An investigation into the collapse is ongoing.

Authorities in New Carlisle are trying to figure out what caused a large grain silo to collapse.

by Bill Lackey

It happened just after 11:30 p.m. Sunday at the Miami Valley Feed and Grain Company in the 800 block of W. Jefferson St. (S.R. 571), near Garfield St.

The New Carlisle fire chief says the grainery collapsed, spilling nearly 10,000 tons (9,070 metric tons) of corn onto S.R. 571.

The silo also damaged two buildings on the property, crushing one and partially collapsing another. The Miami Valley Feed and Grain Co. told emergency crews that no employees were on-site when the structures collapsed.

Bethel Twp. and Elizabeth Twp. fire crews are assisting New Carlisle’s fire division with cleanup.

Department of Transportation officials are hoping to have the road open by Jan 31.

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