Our main goal at Newszines.co is to provide a secure, simplified and privacy enhanced website URL Page log-in that allows users to join via a pre-qualified, public domain safety list.

These lists give immediate access to local information on emergency room and urgent care services, immediate ambulatory care and safety exit services, and where to seek medical attention. Another benefit of the lists is to give access to updated health safety lists, private, helpful drug interventions, access to mental health assistance programs, and other such valuable programs not typically seen inside such sophisticated health programs.

Beyond medical related information, Newzines.co also strives to provide access to local information, such as daily weather updates, police reports, news articles, and street, school and general public safety notes in regards to New Carlisle and the surrounding area.

Our community updates came straight from the charming Aunt Glenna, who loves nothing better than to spread information about her favorite place on earth. These glimpses into her family home include family traditions, recipes and plenty of good cheer.

All this information can be accessed via individual, private log in credentials. All you need to do to subscribe is to  scroll down to the bottom of the screen, enter your email, and click “Subscribe“.

With many special thanks to Tim Winterbotham. As a state certified specialist, he is adept at bringing together public listing and health news, as well as searching out state, federal and local reliable public resources for our guests to use as safety and informational guides.




The Operators
In 1974 the U.S.A. FEDERAL COMMUNICATIONS COMMISSION and the State of Ohio granted Tim Winterbotham and Mark Baber authority to assemble lists of States representing licensed, practicing Physicians, State certified Medical specialists, specially trained Therapists, Ambulance conveyence operators, Physical Therapists, Registered Nurses, Psychologists, Hypno-Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Ohio State Medically Authorized and safety, health conveyence and Ohio State Medical patient placements, and to do so without adding additional costs, or unexpected mishaps or costs or outcomes that counter normal state of affairs for the city of new-carlisle-oh; which remains a Medical part of approved lists published within authorized lists comprehensively distributed and guaranteed by permission and with approval of prior content from original owners and their obvious pre-approval of distribution rights.