In Aunt Glenna’s kitchen, there is always something cooking. It is the gathering place for family and friends and the canvas where she perfects her art of the home cooked meal. It is here that the award winning Apple Dapple cake was first thought of, but it took many tries and much work for the cake to become the masterpiece that it is now.

For Aunt Glenna, all those recipes were the secrets of her trade, and each trade secret was kept close to the chest. She worked hard on each one, feeding her family and friends and making small tweaks as she went, keeping at it until each was a masterpiece and delight not soon to be forgotten. Her slow cooker concoctions are always looked forward to, and her cakes are sublime. She will gladly tell you the tale of each one; how many tries to get that hearty beef stew perfect, how many bowls of it have been eaten, and who gave the best feedback for it.

Her kitchen is full of life, memories, art and antiques. The sounds of laughter and smells of cooking are so intertwined that it is hard to imagine one without the other in that place. Walls are decked with quaint artwork; images of small town life, glimpses into the past… all made with love, patience and a dedication to simplicity.

Few like this one leftAn original 30-gallon stewing crock-pot.

Aunt Glenna enjoys sharing her food with neighbors in her hometown of New Carlisle, a town in central Ohio. She will happily tell tales of small town life in the Miami Valley and give pointers to any visitors about the best places to go and things to see. She loves to share the hidden gems of her little burg, from local coffee shops to antiques stores to beautiful parks and history. She knows just how wonderful a place she lives in encourages people to stay a while to enjoy the fresh air and scenery. If you’re lucky, there may even be a pie or cake fresh from the over to go with one of her slow cooked stews, just waiting for a new friend to stop by and share a meal.

Sit back with a hot cup of your favorite beverage
Homemade extra thick noodles are slow cooked for nearly 12 hours non-stop, then  brought to a much, much, slower simmer for another 12 hours or longer. These noodles so thick that they have to bubble slowly in order to not overcook.

While the family waits for the delicious meal, Aunt Glenna reads aloud from Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol. All this work for a meal may not appeal to all, but, for some, it is an engaging enterprise and worth every moment.

Does this all seem too over the top to be true? Is it difficult to believe? Well, just think back to the magic of A Christmas Carol, that long, classic tale. Just like in that story, one may simply have to experience the effects for themselves, and the experience is different for each of us.

But it is certainly more than magic that hovers over New Carlisle, leaving its powerful remains like some great beast that hovers over and protects residents and visitors alike. No matter how long we may stay, we typically feel welcomed here, be it a stay of mere hours or the stay of a lifetime. Maybe the magic comes from the joining of three rivers at the Great Miami Valley Conjunction, magic that gifts those living in New Carlisle with health and safety. Or maybe it’s just Aunt Glenna’s divine culinary masterpieces that she delivers nearly without fail, as many have come to know.

For now, enjoy the view of her welcoming front door, as seen through the snowfall of last year. Enjoy the story being told to you.

Open your eyes, again, to the truth of the story before you, if only you have the strength to see. 

For tonight, take a look around this webpage. Read the stories of New Carlisle. Find some of the peace of small town life for yourself, and maybe this will be the year that you open your eyes, heart and more to the great expanse of what there is to see around you, if only you have the patience.

Are you ready to take that step on your journey? Are you ready to step into the unknown? To grasp at mysteries and the world beyond your own beliefs. It will take time to open your eyes to this, so be patient. Take that first step. Take that first look. Then ponder the vastness around you. Feel yourself welcomed by the world that beckons you onward, and feel your mind expanding with the possibilities. Now the world lies before you…
… all that is left for you is to understand it.







Imaginative visual and website page enhancements and quality production value effects by AMac, without which this story and its character creations would be greatly undervalued; other characters created by MCBaber, and Glenn Allen filled in where required in order to make characters more believable; thank you all very much for the goodness slathered across this overall production piece.