The air is fresh, but a mystery is in the breeze, as much as any hometown may legally allow, of course.

For as levity abounds, as do honest human exchanges. You will not be bored, nor bothered. Whether it is solitude you seek or an occasional brush with notoriety; even with known authors, actors, screenwriters, journalists and others.

Where rumors smell as sweet as somebodies fresh, award-winning ‘Apple Dapple‘ cake cools along the edges of Aunt Glenna’s window sill; her cakes have been winning every year for over 15 years, since the first time she entered, in fact.

New Carlisle, OH has been an iconic magnet for nearly 25,000 residents who call it hometown central their home away from Malibu or Big Sur or any one of those Canyon roads that wind up and down those curvy highways.


Soon enough they amble back to where they grew up, with a smart, talented man on one arm and a ring, bling bauble spinning on another arm. “Nothing wrong with that.” Aunty Glenna says. And she happens to be my Aunty if ya do not mind me saying.

So come on in and have a piece of ‘Apple Dapple’ cake before the last piece gets sold out from underneath you, it happens all the time around here.

Opps, think you just lost your last piece of ‘Apple Dapple’  cake. Or maybe your Mr. Special can buy it back for you if he is as fast with a dollar as he is with a gold ring. Guess time will tell us the end of that story, or maybe it already has if you are lucky enough this night, and have the time to gamble on such things, as the gold is in play right now. Ahhhh … the players have their bets hedged and Aunt Glenna is not slow to make her golden rings rattle. Loudly, as usual; because it is always fun down at New Carlisle, OH, where gambling is for fun, and not for glory. And the biggest bet is in someone’s heart and not their gold.

It is good fun and not heartache the way we play here. Careful to leave the floor space untarnished, clean and properly saintly for the next group of players, accent on the “Saintly” part of that play, have no doubt about that, Sisters and Brothers. Or Aunt Glenna will be knocking some of those nuckle heads right out of their seats, like the notion “Saintly” creations they want to act like, but we won’t let them. No way, not here at this church. This is not a rough and tumble “Saintly” church. It is a humble, honest, denomination. Raised on the sweetness of love, honesty, and as much as the bare threads bare out their ways as they live out their lives day by day at the mercy of being both loved and scorned, one day burned, the next day “Sainted” and torn, never knowing which way the screw will turn till it happens. Love gives and sometimes it takes it away, as much as it is not the intention to take it away.

Love is a trustful thing to hold on to. Do not lose heart in the love of God. It is always there for you, it will never fail you. It is the love you and your parents and your Grand Parents and your Great Grand Parents invested in the honor of this church, to never let the threadbare wear the bare threads of those others who will be happy to see just such a thing happen; to the dishonor of the rest of us. Without a word having been spoken.

Love to us all in equal quantity, equal love in equal everything. No other way should it be, Brother to Sister is as all love is to be.


——————–  Love carries us through all heartache.