How to Get Recruited for a College Sport

How to get recruited to play college




So you want to play a college sport? —- Well…you need to first get recruited. Follow these tips and you’ll be on your way to be playing a collegiate sport!


Be good at the sport you wish to pursue in college. For example: if you want to play college lacrosse, make sure your skills are up to par with the college you wish to play for.




Write up a resume! This will be e-mailed to the many coaches you choose to email. Be sure to include all of your vital statistics (GPA, PSAT, SAT, Community service, volunteer work…)


Get your name out there! Once you are a fully developed player, sign up for recruiting tournaments. These tournaments are held throughout the year and generally attract a lot of coaches. If you are not able to attend one of these tournaments, be sure that you are e-mailing the coaches of your respective “dream” schools.


Keep in contact with the coaches! Make sure you are e-mailing your favorite coaches on a relatively frequent basis and find out if you are on their “list” of recruits.




Be sure to keep your grades up throughout the process, this will help you to get into college much easier. Because remember! the coaches aren’t just looking for an athlete, but a student-athlete.


Many players send a video, via Youtube, of themselves playing in a game along with a note saying they are very interested in playing for that college.


Go to a few of the college websites and read the biographies of the current players. Find out what teams they played on before college and make sure you are on a similar team where college coaches have recruited before.


———- Tips

Try getting game tape you can send to college coaches, if they aren’t able to see you or you are not able to attend a tournament, often times, “game tape” acts as a temporary supplement to your resume.

Don’t get too upset if a college does not want you, maybe you weren’t what they had in mind! Another might wind up loving you instead!








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